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Multiple kinds of products Mainly projects include: Geocell, Geogrid, Biaxial&Uniaxial Plastic Geogrid, Geotextile, Geomembrane, Water-proof board, Geosyhthetic clay liner, Soft Drain-pipe, 3-D Geonet,  Non-woven Fabric.
High Cost-effective, widely application Widely applied in railway,road,water conservancy,electricity,Municipal landscaping,etc. We always insist the principle of“Excellent quality with warmest service”
Strong Technical supporting A large group of technical experts with rich experience.
Warmest after-sales service Products have recognized by the customers by our mature technical,excellent quality and satisfied service.

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Shandong Dongkai Engineering materials Co.,ltd, one manufacture specialized in R&D, produce and sales of the Geocell, Steel Plastic Geogrid, Uniaxial Geogrid, Biaxial Geogrid, Geotexitle, Geomembrane, Water Storage&Drainage Board and other multiple kinds of Geosynthetic products.The multiple production lines are equipped with the International advanced Ultrasonic welding machine and facilities with mature technical. We are one of a member of Chinese Engineering Materials Association,and have our wholly own subsidiary: Taian Xieli Machine manufacturing Co.,ltd which produce the Ultrasonic Geocell welding and Ultrasonic steel plastic geogrid welding machine and PP,PE sheets extruding m...


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  Mr Niu:+86-13854803276
  Mr An:+86-13505483211
Address:No.97 Prosperous Street, Shengzhuang Town, Taian City, Shandong Province China.
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